The AggX API enables you to use AggX's aggregation engine from code.

The prerequisites to using the AggX API are:

  1. Get the Azure Active Directory TenantId for the Dynamics 365 org(s) you would like to access.
  2. Use the contact form to request an AggX API Account. We will work with you to provision your AccountId and Key.
  3. Create an App User in Dynamics 365 and assign it a security role.


Parameter Type Requirement Description
requestId string Optional An optional id that you assign to the request. If present, the response will contain it.
accountId string Required The account id that we provide when provisioning your accesss
key string Required The API key that we provide when provisioning your accesss
userId string Required The id of the user to impersonate when running the request
orgName string Required The URL name of the organization. For it's "acmecorp"
verbose bool Optional An flag to receive a more detailed response
fetchXml string Required A valid FetchXml aggregate query.

Sample query

Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

Verbose Response