Welcome to the AggX Pilot Program

AggX is the fastest way to run any aggregate on any number of records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online.

You can now run Count, CountColumn, Sum, Average, Min, and Max calculations on any number of rows in a quick and supported way.

Ways AggX Can Work for You

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Additional Information

  • The AggX Pilot Program is a free trial that will run until at least June 30, 2019.
  • To use AggX, sign in with a valid Dynamics 365 Online user account.
  • We respect your privacy.
    • AggX only reads from your Dynamics 365 organization. It never writes to D365.
    • We never store any of your Dynamics 365 data.
    • We log operations but do NOT store the numerical results. You can export results to Excel or CSV.
  • Developers and ISV's: Want to run fast unlimited aggregates via code? Find out more about the AggX API.
  • MetaTools Inc. makes no guarantees about the uptime or reliability of AggX during the pilot program.